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What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Uses and Benefits

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this process is used to increase website traffic, quality, visibility and this process is unpaid or free, the result are called Organic or Natural, we have to follow all the guidelines set by search engine if we don’t follow their guidelines they can punish our website by result our website will not rank on goggle. So in this Blog we discuss about SEO and how it works.

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to improve website position on Search Engine (like: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). It gives Organic result (without any money) means we don’t have to spend any money on our result and this is the best way to show our website on any search engine for long time. SEO is a collection of techniques used to boost a Web site’s ranking in search engine results pages. Search Engine uses more than 200 ranking factors. while we know many of them: quality content, backlinks, or technical knowledge such as boost site speed.

How SEO Works:

One of the biggest question on web is what is the process of SEO and how it works, SEO is a process of optimizing website to get unpaid or organic result from search engine result pages. In simple words when you search any keyword on Google or any search engine you get many results so this process helps you to rank your website or webpage top on that search engine.SEO has Two Factors On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

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Types of Search Engine Optimization:

On Page SEO: 

In this we changed only on website like: Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Title Tags, alt tags, site speed, canonical tags, content of website and many more things which can help us to increase website ranking. It means built website to be search engine friendly.The top factors of on page SEO are:

  • Title Tags
  • Headings
  • Alt Tags
  • Canonical Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • High Quality of Fresh Content
  • Text Formatting
  • User friendly Pages
  • Meta Tags
  • Mobile Friendly Pages

Off Page SEO:

This process is used to famous website on internet by making links. Off Page is helps to improve website rank on SERP (search engine rank page) this is the best way to rank on search engine. Off Page technique help website to feature at top of the web results. The main work of Off-Page is to show search engine that is website or webpage is reliable to niche. If we want to improve website ranking we cannot ignore Off-Page SEO, There are some factors we should focus on:

  • Quality Backlinks
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Form Submission Sites
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Q&A Sites
  • Video Submission
  • PPT/PDF Submission
  • Profile Creation
  • Info graphic Submission
  • Micro Blog Submission Sites

SEO is the action of optimizing web pages or Website in order to make them search engine friendly, or getting higher positions in search results.

Firstly, search engines crawl the whole web to see what is there. This is done by software, we called a crawler or a spider or bot.Bots follow links from one page to another and index everything they find on their way. Having in mind the number of pages on the Web, it is impossible for a bot to visit a site daily just to see if a new page has appeared or if an existing page has been modified, sometimes crawlers may not end up visiting your site for a long time.

SEO is a main Part of Digital Marketing it has also some other parts like:

  • SMO(Social Media Optimization)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Promotion
  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM(Social Media Marketing)etc.

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